Learn Spanish in Uruguay

Uruguay is the smallest Spanish-speaking country in South America making it the perfect place for a Spanish language course. The country is on the Río de la Plata making this destination mesmerizing.

Spanish language classes in Uruguay contain a relaxed atmosphere and are filled with the wonderful hospitality of locals. The modern city of Montevideo is famous for its carnival in February. The colonial city of Colonia del Sacramento has become a popular tourist destination for its narrow cobblestone streets and Punta del Este is a beautiful seaside resort which is well known in whole Latin America.

Punta del Este is a beautiful seaside resort on the southern coast of Uruguay, loved by the international jet set and beach addicts. With its 11.000 inhabitants Punta del Este is a small city but with a lot of things to discover. It does not matter if you are a lover of culture, a party animal or an action addict, a language course in Punta del Este will definitely meet your expectations.

Uruguay Highlights

  • Travel to Cabo Polonio through the sand dunes to the beach!
  • Visit Salto to swim in its hot springs and see the Salto Grande Dam.
  • Horseback riding and rodeo activities on one of the many ranches.

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Learn Spanish in Uruguay