Accommodation in Toledo

We offer many options for accommodation in Toledo; staying with a Spanish-speaking family in a home stay, in an apartment with a Spaniard, in a historical furnished apartment, or hostels or hotels certain to fit within any budget or level of luxury.

Home Stay

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For complete language and cultural immersion during your stay in Toledo a Spanish-speaking host family can’t be beat. Our language school in Toledo directly supervises the host families to ensure a quality stay for each student. Staying in a home stay in Toledo is the best way to learn Spanish customs, cuisine, and philosophy. Our home stays include a private room with bed, desk, and cupboard in a house with either en-suite or shared bathrooms (depending on availability).

In addition, most home stays in Toledo also include internet access. Host families in Toledo prepare breakfast and dinner during the week, provide bed linens, and do laundry at least once a week.

Shared apartment with a Spaniard

Apart from staying with a host family, a shared apartment with a Spaniard in Toledo is another excellent option for immersion into the Spanish culture. We try to ensure a good match with all of our students. Room styles are similar to those in a home stay. Most apartment stays in Toledo also include internet access. Shared apartments include the same number of meals and laundry services of home stays.

Historical Apartment in Toledo

Accommodation in Toledo Toledo Photo Gallery

For those looking to feel completely at home, staying in a historical furnished apartment in Toledo is an excellent option. Each historical apartment in Toledo is fully furnished and equipped. All apartments are centrally located. Ideal for those traveling with their partners or family members, our historical apartments in Toledo can house up to four people.

Hostels and Hotels

For those seeking more privacy during their stay in Toledo, we also offer the option of staying in a hotel or hostel. Many suitable options for hotels in Toledo exist at all price ranges and levels of comfort. Recommended hotels include the Palacio Eugenia de Montijo, the only 5 star hotel in the old town; mid-range hotels include the Hotel Abad Toledo or the Hotel Carlos V; and the budget options include the Hostal Palacios or the Hotel Imperio.

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