Study Spanish in Cádiz

Immerse yourself in the "Oldest City in the West". Spanish history is simply impossible to avoid in a city that was founded in 1100 B.C. There are still many historical buildings standing and various museums scattered throughout the ocean side city to help you understand the true and ancient culture of Cádiz.

Cádiz Study Spanish in Cádiz (Spain)

  • Cádiz InhabitantsInhabitants: 127,200
  • Cádiz LocationLocation: The Southwest Tip
  • Cádiz TemperatureTemp: 16°C (Jan), 29°C (Jul)
  • Cádiz TimezoneTimezone: UTC+1
  • Cádiz CurrencyCurrency: Euro (EUR)
  • Cádiz CountryCountry: Spain

Singing, Drinking and Dancing

Study Spanish in Cádiz Cádiz Photo Gallery

Cádiz is also home to a famous Carnival where singing, dancing, eating and drinking is of utmost importance. The Carnival is notorious for the sharp wit of the local citizens as opposed to the dress style found at other similar events around the world. You can visit Cádiz during the carnival, or any time throughout the year. The Mediterranean climate means there is never a bad time to begin learning Spanish in Cádiz.

The timing of the carnival marks Spain’s Catholic traditions, with the festival occurring the weekend before Ash Wednesday, which marks the start of Lent in the lead up to Easter.

Eat Like a King

While studying Spanish at the Cádiz Language School, the delicious cuisine within the city walls is unavoidable. Cádiz, being a long narrow strip of land surrounded by water, is particularly well known for its seafood selection. There is a plethora of "Pescaíto frito," an assortment of perfectly fried fish platters, and an endless collection of shellfish. Learn Spanish in Cádiz Cádiz Photo Gallery Each and every mouth watering meal is enough to satisfy a royal palate.

For beach lovers there are ten kilometers of fine sand, with movies displayed on the beach during the summer months. The Andalusian city of Cádiz has something to offer everybody. Almost all of the people of Cádiz, known as "Los Gaditanos" speak only Spanish, offering the perfect chance to practice what you learn in class.

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Learn Spanish in Cádiz