Recreational Activities in Cádiz

The beauty of learning abroad is submerging yourself in a new culture. In Cádiz, activities are endless. You can plan a different activity or take part in a new excursion everyday of the week. The Spanish language school in Cádiz will help you plan your own excursions within the city of Cádiz and throughout the country of Spain.

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The language school offers interactive, extracurricular activities Monday through Saturday. These activities help implement your new Spanish language. All the activities provide the necessary materials and equipment. They range from free walking tours around the historical district to inexpensive, all day excursions outside the city walls of Cádiz.

Here are some of the more popular integrated activities offered at the language school in Cádiz.

Spanish Cooking Class

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The Spanish Cooking Class teaches you how to cook traditional and typical Spanish cuisine. It is taught by a Cádiz Language School teacher and completely in Spanish. This will increase your vocabulary and introduce or enhance your Spanish culinary skills. After class you and your fellow chefs will enjoy a fine Spanish meal. The class is typically about three hours long.


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If the weather is right, you can learn to ride the mighty waves and the stellar surf of the Atlantic. The surfing classes include all the equipment and take you to the best swells on the beach. The Surf instructors give acomplete introduction to beginner students, teaching them the fundamentals. After the introduction, become one with the ocean and catch your first wave.

Flamenco Classes

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Take Flamenco Classes and learn the graceful and rhythmic Spanish dance of the Southern Spaniards. Let a professional dancer teach you the basics and guide you in the right direction of this ancient art. After a couple of weeks you will conquer this unique dance form. You will have 3 lessons per week and are taught in a private group that starts at the beginner level.

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