Study Spanish and take boat rides in the Amazon Amazon Jungle Photo Gallery


Becoming one with the Ecuadorian rain-forest is inevitable during your Spanish study in the Amazon. After class you will embark on grand adventures through the lush tropics, growing your vocabulary as well as your imagination!

Traversing the Wild

When staying in the eco lodge you will have a variety of Amazon excursions to fill your days. Each adventure brings you closer to the magic of this ancient place, while also illuminating the practical resources of the rain-forest.

  • Walking tours put the biodiversity in your hands as you examine plants and wildlife from the rain-forest. A guide helps you learn to name and understand the significance of the many medicinal plants on the Amazonian tour.
  • Study Spanish and hike in the Amazon Jungle Amazon Jungle Photo Gallery
  • Birdwatching at the Ecological Reserve allows you to see some of the most colorful and talkative birds on the planet!
  • Learn survival and communication skills in the jungle, including the opportunity to eat ants that taste like limes. Yum!
  • Explore the jungle at night with guided night walks and a night canoe ride down the river. See what diverse life exists only under the shadow of darkness.

Living History

The Shuar people offer a view of Ecuador’s history unlike any other you will see. Categorized in the past as a warrior tribe, living and learning from this group, you will see how old traditions and modern day have come together in the depths of the Ecuadorian jungle. After your Spanish class in the Amazon, your afternoons will be full of activities in the Amazon, guided by Shuar traditions.

  • Guided hikes take you deep into the jungle to see plants, animals, and cascading falls. Learn how this ecosystem has sustained human life through time.
  • Amazonian Spanish language school cultural experiences Amazon Jungle Photo Gallery
  • Take part in a day of tradition with “Integration Day.” Become a part of the community and learn typical skills and practices of the Shuar people.
  • Participate in an “Integration” celebration where you can enjoy, and learn, traditional songs and dance of the Shuar.
  • Spend time working as a volunteer to help support and sustain the ecosystem and the communities that rely on it.

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