Learn Spanish in Cartagena

Learn Spanish in Cartagena Cartagena Photo Gallery

It is said that “If you don’t know Cartagena, you don’t know the Caribbean”. The Colombian port city has all colors: wandering on cobble stoned alleys with flowered balconies, you’ll see colonial buildings painted bright yellow, green and pink. On the streets and on marketplaces vendors are selling fresh seafood, exotic fruits and vegetables you’d probably never heard of. Day or night, the city is vibrant: street musicians and salsa dancers are moving around at all hours. If you study at our Cartagena Spanish language school you will fully live the Caribbean experience.

Cartagena Study Spanish in Cartagena (Columbia)

  • Cartagena InhabitantsInhabitants: 895,000
  • Cartagena LocationLocation: On the Caribbean Coast
  • Cartagena TemperatureTemp: 31.2°C (Jan), 31.9°C (Jul)
  • Cartagena TimezoneTimezone: UTC-5
  • Cartagena CurrencyCurrency: Colombian Peso (COP)
  • Cartagena CountryCountry: Colombia

Caribbean colors

Fully named Cartagena de Indias, the port city facing the Caribbean Sea is located in the north of Colombia. The Spanish commandant Pedro de Heredia founded the city in 1533, and the trade of precious metals Practice Spanish in Cartagena with Friends Cartagena Photo Gallery turned it into a prosperous city, making it attractive for pirates. In order to strengthen its defenses, a wall was constructed surrounding the entire old city, proclaimed World Heritage by UNESCO in 1984.

The city has a tropical climate: if you take a Spanish course in Cartagena you won’t suffer in the cold. The temperature is around 30° C all year long, with rainy seasons in May, June, October and November.

Culture, climate and history

Cartagena has a population of great cultural diversity. Being a port city, people of foreign descent have settled in the city throughout centuries. Originally, indigenous tribes such as the Zenú and the Karib people inhabited the areas around Cartagena.During colonization, the Spaniards brought in slaves of African descent.

Study Spanish in Cartagena Cartagena Photo Gallery

Colombia has one of the largest communities with people of African descent in the western hemisphere. During the 20th century, Lebanese, Palestinians, Chinese, Europeans and other immigrant communities have settled in Cartagena. The migration has brought many different kinds of food, music and dance to the city. Enjoy the colorful scenes of the city, its nearby beaches, the exotic dishes and rich culture. Study Spanish in Cartagena and discover its cultural diversity!

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Learn Spanish in Cartagena