Arrival to Cartagena

By Plane

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Cartagena’s international airport Rafael Núñez (CTG) is located 3 km outside of the city, in Crespo. Upon arrival in Cartagena you can take local shuttle buses, taxis and “colectivos” (shared taxis).

Taxi fares from and to the airport should not be more than US$3. All major Colombian companies operate from and to Cartagena. International carriers take off from Cartagena to the US and various Latin American and European countries. A one-way ticket to Bogotá costs around US$100.

By Bus

Learn Spanish in Cartagena Cartagena Photo Gallery

Cartagena’s bus terminal is located about 45 minutes by shuttle bus or taxi outside of the city center. Buses from and to Bogotá and Medellín function on a regular basis, the trips take respectively 20 and 13 hours. Buses to and from Barranquilla (2 hours) run frequently. Daily buses also depart and arrive from and to Caracas, Venezuela. The journey takes 20 hours.

By Boat

Travelling by sailboat or cruise ship is a common and enjoyable way of leaving or arriving in Cartagena. Embark on a yacht and enjoy the Caribbean! The journey Panama – Cartagena takes around five days depending on weather conditions. Most boats stop over the San Blas Islands of Panama, an archipelago that consists of hundreds of little islands, of which only about 50 are inhabited. Many agencies offer boat trips from Cartagena to Panama and vice versa, but beware of unreliable captains. Casa Viena and Darién Gapster are two established companies.

Transportation in Cartagena

Learn Spanish in Cartagena Cartagena Photo Gallery

The best way to explore Cartagena is probably walking, certainly in the Old City. All sights are within walking distance. You can also rent a bike. If you want to move around the city, taxis are widely available and not expensive (usually not more than US$3), but don’t forget to negotiate the price first! Taximeters are rare and rates vary depending on the tourist season. Buses also run frequently around town. Another way to move around is by “colectivo”, a shared taxi with a fixed rate, it’s faster than by bus and cheaper than a taxi.

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Learn Spanish in Cartagena