Learn Spanish in Pichilemu

New friends and a new language in Pichilemu Pichilemu Photo Gallery

Learning Spanish in Pichilemu, Chile combines language learning with salt air, seafood, and surfing fun! This small town of about 15,000 residents pushes against the edges of the Pacific Ocean through a series of long, dark beaches, rocky ocean outcroppings, and misty cliffs, giving you stunning views of land and sea. Like the earliest inhabitants of the region, the indigenous Promaucaes fishing people, you will learn Spanish in Pichilemu while enjoying the bounties of the ocean.

Pichilemu Study Spanish in Pichilemu (Chile)

  • Pichilemu InhabitantsInhabitants: 14,300
  • Pichilemu LocationLocation: Down by the Beach
  • Pichilemu TemperatureTemp: 28°C (Jan), 13°C (Jul)
  • Pichilemu TimezoneTimezone: UTC-4
  • Pichilemu CurrencyCurrency: Chilean Peso (CPL)
  • Pichilemu CountryCountry: Chile

An Ocean of Inspiration

It’s impossible to lack inspiration when learning Spanish at our language school in Pichilemu. Whether it’s drinking a cup of coffee overlooking the large waves of the wild Pacific Ocean or visiting one of the many bars and discos dotting the beachside town, you will feel the rhythm of this quaint town pulsing through you. You will employ your new language skills during your Spanish study in Pichilemu getting to know the friendly and welcoming native Chileans that are accustomed to visitors to their special home. Pichilemu school has a Pent house view Pichilemu Photo Gallery

Through sea-inspired handicrafts, the mouthwatering seafood recipes found in restaurants, and learning about unique Chilean sea creatures like Congrio, Corvina, and Choritos, you will learn Spanish in Pichilemu while reveling in their unbreakable relationship with the ocean. After only a short time, you will see that studying Spanish in Pichilemu and warm, coarse sand between your toes are a match made in heaven.

Sea-Loving Sports

Surf and Spanish in Pichilemu Pichilemu Photo Gallery

Known as the premiere surfing spot in South America, taking a Spanish course in Pichilemu means that you have landed in a location of fun and adventure. Although there are specific spots to swim and fish, it’s the large waves that bring people from all over the world to surf, kiteboard, windsurf, and bodyboard. In the fall and winter, waves can reach up to 45 feet (15 meters), permitting surf schools and global competitions to take place all year long. Part of the fun of learning Spanish in Pichilemu is getting acquainted with both Chilean culture while also getting to know surf culture from around the world.

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Learn Spanish in Pichilemu