Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires combines Latin American passion and charm with European elegance, and is bursting with modern and classic culture, and a world-class restaurant and nightlife scene.

Buenos Aires Study Spanish in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  • Buenos Aires InhabitantsInhabitants: 2.89 million
  • Buenos Aires LocationLocation: Argentina Western Coast
  • Buenos Aires TemperatureTemp: 30.4°C (Jan), 13.9°C (Jul)
  • Buenos Aires TimezoneTimezone: UTC-3
  • Buenos Aires CurrencyCurrency: Argentine Peso (ARS)
  • Buenos Aires CountryCountry: Argentina

The Spanish of Argentina

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Photo Gallery

Upon first arriving to Argentina, foreigners often notice the strong porteño accent that is common in the city of Buenos Aires. Here people use the "vos" form instead of the "tú" form for informal conversations and the Spanish double L is prounounced like "sh" instead of the "y" heard in other Latin American countries. It is a unique style of Spanish and once you have heard the melodic and beautiful accent you will instantly fall in love.

In Love with Life

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Photo Gallery

Argentines are known for being friendly and for spending lots of time socializing. It is very common for friends to sit for long hours in the late afternoon during a time called the merienda (tea time), chatting over coffee or drinking mate, a local loose-leaf tea. On the weekends, friends and family will often gather for asados or Argentine barbecues that last all day. The Argentine people tend to be very open with their feelings and have no problem articulating their opinions. You will find people to be very helpful and proud of their country, so they are always happy to give advice and recommendations to foreigners.

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Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires