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Activities in Buenos Aires

Our school in Buenos Aires offers a variety of different activities every week, so there is always something fun to do! All of the activities are chosen to offer you a chance to not only enjoy Buenos Aires and learn about Argentine culture, but also to practice your Spanish outside of the class room.

Ready-Made Fun

Your Spanish course in Buenos Aires includes many activities to get out and explore Buenos Aires with new friends. Each day there are multiple activities organized and you can choose which to participate in according to your interests:

Canoeing in Bariloche Buenos Aires Photo Gallery
  • Cultural classes
  • Spanish cinema club
  • Mate tasting
  • Reggaeton class
  • Tango class
  • Bike tours
  • Futbol games
  • Student dinners

Activity Add-Ons

Lunch in Bariloche Buenos Aires Photo Gallery

The activity add-ons from our school in Buenos Aires are the perfect way for you to experience classic Argentine life and traditions along with your Spanish classes. Each activity encompasses the most popular aspects of Argentine culture like wine, meat and tango, offering something for everyone. A wine tasting will give you the chance to learn about the history of wine in Argentina as you try different wine varieties. Dancing classes are available for beginners as well as more advanced students looking to perfect their skills. You have the possibility to experience the most passionate dance in the world, the Tango, or learn one of the most popular dance styles in Latin America, the Salsa. For an all day experience on the weekend you can join an excursion to an Argentine ranch. There you can enjoy horseback riding, eat a traditional Argentine barbecue and relax in the country side before heading back to Buenos Aires. A perfect escape from the bustling city.

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