Learn Spanish in Bariloche

Learning Spanish in Bariloche brings you front and center with the variety settlers of the region. Discovered by famous Spaniard Pedro de Valdivia, colonizer of Chile, on an expedition east of the Andes, he was just one of several who trekked and settled the area.

Bariloche Study Spanish in Bariloche (Argentina)

  • Bariloche InhabitantsInhabitants: 108,200
  • Bariloche LocationLocation: Foothills of the Andes
  • Bariloche TemperatureTemp: 14.3°C (Jan), 2.1°C (Jul)
  • Bariloche TimezoneTimezone: UTC-3
  • Bariloche CurrencyCurrency: Argentine Peso (ARS)
  • Bariloche CountryCountry: Argentina

A Settled History

Although this region shares much of its history with Chile, and the conquering Spaniards crossing the mountains, Bariloche became a part of Argentina in the 19th century. Your Spanish study in Bariloche connects you to these early days, but you will notice the European influenced architecture speaks to later settlements by the Austrians, Germans, Slovenians, and Italians.

Chocolate Heaven

Learn Spanish in Bariloche Bariloche Photo Gallery

Imagine taking a break from your Spanish study in Bariloche to walk down a street full of chocolate shops. The warmth, smells and tantalizing sights will energize and inspire you! A tradition of chocolate making came to Bariloche with German immigrants in the early part of the 20th century. The crafting began in their home kitchens, perfecting these long passed down traditions. But eventually, they took their recipes and sweet secrets to the marketplace and the lure of this delicacy became a signature of the city. Your Spanish study in Bariloche must include a trip or two into this indulgence!

A Place of Beauty

Study Spanish in Bariloche Bariloche Photo Gallery

But don't worry about packing on the pounds from all of that sweet chocolate, because when you choose to study Spanish in Bariloche you will have ample opportunity to burn those calories. The region boasts an enormous amount of activities to keep your body busy and your eyes full of some of the most beautiful scenery in the Southern hemisphere. Learning Spanish in Bariloche puts you at the start of Patagonia and in the midst of the Lake District which offers you boating, fishing, kayaking, sun-bathing, and swimming if you like cold mountain water. The Andes mountains line the sky with opportunities to hike, ski, trek while taking a Spanish course in Bariloche. And the blue skies beckon you to try paragliding!

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Learn Spanish in Bariloche