Learn Portuguese in Lisbon

Lisbon basks in the sun reflecting off the Tejo River and quickly seduces most visitors. The mixture of history and modernity, of small town and metropolis, of the antiquated and the shining new is irresistible. Add excellent shopping, late but safe night life and restaurants with Europe’s best fish, and you have Lisbon in a nutshell.

Lisbon Study Portuguese in Lisbon (Portugal)

  • Lisbon InhabitantsInhabitants: 547,600
  • Lisbon LocationLocation: Central Western Coast
  • Lisbon TemperatureTemp: 14.5°C (Jan), 27.5°C (Jul)
  • Lisbon TimezoneTimezone: UTC+0
  • Lisbon CurrencyCurrency: Euro (EUR)
  • Portuguese CountryCountry: Portugal
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The heart of Lisbon

Lisbon’s heart lies beside the river, even if the city has grown in all directions. Sit down at a pavement café on Rossio Square and you will see the Baiza, the flat city centre that dates from the 18th century, between yourself and the river bank. Look up in one direction and you will see the São Jorge on the top of a hill. Look in the other direction and you will see the ruin of the Carmo Church on another hill. Walk, or take a tram to one of them and you will discover the quarters of old Lisbon, most of them with a magnificent view of the rest of the city and the river.

Let´s go out!

In Lisbon you can find both modern, sophisticated restaurants and simple, traditional ones. In general, you will find the strongest Portuguese ambience in the simple, traditional places. If you love seafood you will love Lisbon. Small, unpretentious restaurants are all over the place offering traditional Portuguese dishes which will make you want more and more. Practice Portuguese in Lisbon Lisbon Photo Gallery After dining out it is time to party. Lisbon is a city that takes its nightlife seriously. Shortly after midnight, it is best to move down towards the river and the larger clubs along the Avenida 24 de Julho, to the Docas area and Alcântara, where the coolest dance floors are never filled before two in the morning.

4 Seasons many Reasons

Enjoy Lisbon on the terrace of the language school Lisbon Photo Gallery

The weather in Lisbon during the summer is usually hot and dry and during the winter months the days with bright sunshine and the days with cloudy skies and rain take turns. Lisbon is worth a visit year-round and especialy in the late spring months when the temperatures are mild and the sun is shining bright you will be having a blast learning Portuguese in Lisbon

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Learn Portuguese in Lisbon